Becoming a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner in the age of digital transformation

Because businesses are heavily reliant on their internal software, poor integration can jeopardise revenue and result in a backlog of issues that can cost even a small business hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Finding a simple and cost-effective solution hasn’t been easy in the past. For a long time, businesses were forced to contract work with multiple service providers to implement different software in their organisation. Hiring three to four different sets of IT technicians made the complex process even more inefficient with a lot of finger-pointing when things fell apart.

That’s why we provide something that works. This passion for a simple, working integration platform drives us at d365.Global to provide a “one-stop Dynamics shop” for Microsoft Partners and end users  looking to increase revenues, improve business efficiencies and minimise costly errors. We are certified to use the full suite of applications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help businesses integrate their software systems, build prototypes, and provide application support. 

Microsoft developed the cohesive and sophisticated Dynamics 365 system because they want diverse business solutions to work together, while ensuring that it’s affordable and aligned with what users need.

But what we are able to do in d365.Global is unique, even within our community of Microsoft Partners. 

A majority of partners may offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer relationship management (CRM) solutions or for enterprise resource planning (ERP). But it’s difficult for regular or potential partners to invest resources into a complete Dynamics 365 practice—from the required certified personnel to the minimum number of sales volumes and case studies.

At d365.Global, we help customers implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions in different aspects of their business to ensure that they’re moving forward with utmost efficiency and growth.

Not “business as usual”

We launched d365.Global in the context of “not business as usual” as everyone (including us and our customers) seeks to adapt to high-velocity technological releases and innovations with short update cycles in rapidly evolving industries.  

On our customers’ end, these challenges are further compounded by the inefficiencies they’re already dealing with in their own fragmented systems.

From the outset, it was clear to us how efficiently Dynamics 365 solutions can overcome all of these problems and improve business. 

“Dynamics 365 is one of those ‘hidden treasures’ in that it’s an awesome platform, but not many really appreciate the depth of what is available,” says David Blumentals, CEO and founder of d365.Global. “I’ve spent years of my life trying to make the market opportunity bigger for Dynamics 365, and that’s what inspired me to start d365.Global.”

The onset of COVID-19 further emphasised the drastic need for rapid digital transformation amongst businesses. A McKinsey Global Survey shows that companies have accelerated the digitisation of their internal operations by three to four years in just a few months’ time in 2020. 

Many companies didn’t focus on digitising their organisation because they didn’t see it as a top priority. Now, they are actively seeking solutions to help them adapt to the current landscape.

This has resulted in an increasing need for the Microsoft solutions we’ve been providing for many years.

The challenges of the digital age

Despite the growing demand for business efficiencies in the digital age, some businesses still believe that they can develop IT solutions themselves. They don’t fully understand the certifications, resources and expertise needed to develop required solutions and this is where costly errors can occur.  

A lack of awareness can also lead businesses to hire offshore resources rather than Australian-based ones. While offshore might be cheaper in the initial stages, not having any way to check qualifications and not being able to meet their integration crew and build professional relationships can result in inefficient quick fixes rather than reliable long term solutions. It’s unsurprising then that one in five Australian small businesses are losing up to five working weeks a year to technology issues.

Even now, a year after the first COVID-19 outbreak, we continue to address an increase of similar customer pain points seen pre-pandemic.  

Our clients come to us with fragmented and incohesive systems and poor visibility, which they’ve tried to overcome by making manual adjustments and putting additional processes in place to keep everything running. As well as being highly inefficient, manual steps leave no way to monitor how the systems are performing and delay the issues being fixed.

Battling error-riddled systems on top of running a business is difficult enough, but adding the challenges that come with COVID-19 (such as the sudden transition to Work From Home) can make it seem impossible.

The way we combat these Herculean tasks is simple: We utilise Microsoft Dynamics 365, an easy-to-use, streamlined, and fully integrated system that addresses many (if not all) of a business’ problems. It also provides user-friendly dashboards for real-time visibility so that you can track the progress of the implemented Microsoft solutions in your systems to make sure they perform as expected.

Our expertise and capability to wield Dynamics 365 as an effective tool to transform businesses for the better is what continues to motivate us in our own business journey.

Transitioning from IT guys to problem solvers

Our vision is to be recognised as professional consultants that drive business improvements and outcomes. We’re more than just the average “IT guy”; we provide modern integrated Microsoft solutions as well as challenge businesses to re-engineer their processes to “best practice” where needed.

And we’re well on our way to actualising this vision. Certified as a Microsoft Gold Partner gives us the highest status within the Microsoft community while enabling us to better support our customers and collaborate with Microsoft.

This has allowed us to roll out the d365.Global Industry Solutions, built by Microsoft Partners for Microsoft Partners. This ensures that we can easily deploy Dynamics 365 solutions tailored to your needs within an industry, such as accounting firms, aged care, legal and financial services, HR and employment, and even service providers for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Our competency, certifications, and skills can be credited to our team, wherein we provide a strong support system to each other with our commitment, effort, and specialised expertise in different industries.

“In our industry, good people are hard to find as it’s not an easy business. The team needs to share the vision and passion, as well as the capacity to make things happen,” David says. “And we’ve got a good team. Our staff are like superheroes because they’re doing incredible things that really are important and make a difference.”

Part of building our brand further in the Microsoft world includes: 

  • • Expanding individuals with certifications to over 100.
  • • Growing current certifications count from almost 300 to over 500.

By the end of 2022, we’re expecting to have achieved both milestones.

Work with a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner

d365.Global was founded to address a very specific challenge: To be the only partner and expert our members and customers need in implementing holistic and integrated Microsoft solutions for their business systems and processes. 

Our combined industry experience within the team as well as our ability to maximise Microsoft Dynamics 365 to its full potential has helped us establish ourselves as a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner and address our customers’ pain points effectively.

In working with us, you will:

  • • Generate leads and new customers for your business
  • • Gain opportunities for additional revenue and income streams
  • • Have access to the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 training and support
  • • Receive intermediate and advanced technical resources
  • • Connect with peers, experts, and industry leaders 
  • • Grow your career and boost your business success with Microsoft Dynamics 365

“We want to leave a mark that has longevity and I think we’re already achieving that with Microsoft Dynamics 365,” concludes David.

If you’re ready to partner with Australian-based industry professionals who understand your business needs in the digital age, contact us now.


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